Free Runescape Membership – Get your own!

RuneScape is one the world’s most popular free MMO. It is an easy game which anyone can quickly learn and have fun playing. There is no requirement for anyone to download it; all you need is one of the popular web browsers to play Runescape. Runescape is said to be one of the most immersive free MMOs available on the web. It has also entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 as the world’s most popular free MMORPG!
It has millions registered users world-wide. Players can explore the cities at their own free will, doing all they can to rid the land of evil forces and express themselves through their actions – whether helpful, mischievous or downright despicable


This guide will explain how to get free membership by getting an UGG (Ultimate Game
Card ) code through a website called prizerebel for free. This guide will be telling you which tools you need to obtain to speed up the process of getting points, remember, each point is equalto a US Dollar. This guide will also tell which ads you should do and which you shouldn’t do, and much more.

2- Earning Points
Through free run escape membership you can even earn points also

3- Claiming your membership
You have earned 10 points or more and want to claim your free Runescape membership now. This is very easy, just click on “View Available Prizes” on the site navigation/menu and go to page 3 for an Ultimate Game Card, you may also get free runescape membership on page 4 but the Ultimate Game Card is recommended as it delivers faster, and it is not only for Runescape but on a FunOrb membership as well together, and works on lots of other games too. Claim the prize by clicking on the link “Click here to claim this prize”, then it will ask you if your sure you wish to claim that prize.!

4- Upgrading your account
You received your $10 ultimate game card code and now want to upgrade your Runescape + Funorb account. Do this by going to the official website, then going to account, upgrade your account. Login and select paybycash, then ultimate game card, put in a fake address, name, etc. on the form they give you, don’t forget to select Runescape + Funorb membership which is $9.99, and finally paste your ugg code on there. You will instantly become a member and Runescape will send an e-mail to the e-mail address that you gave them. You will get a “Congratulations” message on your game inbox for both Funorb and Runescape, and I truly congratulate you for a free month of game membership!


5- Miscellaneous
With free runescape membership you can access to minigames, member quests, member items, extra slots in Grand Exchange, more npcs (dragons and bosses, and better exp monsters), etc. I hope you will have fun, some good skills to train are slayer and fletching which are both very useful, and help with money. Woodcutting will be faster with the member’s “Dragon Axe”.